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Acting Showreel

A short video montage of some of Leytons acting work

At the beginning of Leyton's early youth, he has always loved performing.


He first started with school productions and plays. To name a few; Artful Dodger (Oliver Twist), Roger (Grease) and Rooster Hannigan (in the all-time classic Annie).


Taking his acting career further into a more professional route. He joined his first acting agency 'The Harris Academy' for five years. After that, 'The Kingdom School of Arts for a short period led to 'Identity' drama school.


Not only did he need to discover new aspects of acting, but most importantly, he discovered who he was as an individual, thus noticing his natural ability to undress techniques skilfully. He involved attachments to explore the true likeness of desired characters, such as state of mind, body movement, emotions and circumstances. This was to fulfil exactly what the writer or director is displaying through a fictional or non-fiction character.


Most of Leyton's learning comes from what he puts in at home to being the best for himself and separating his competition from others. Besides being versatile, he is also weary and cautious with the roles he takes on generally, as it reflects himself and the outcome influences. Without a doubt, he continuously studies to master all of his crafts as he believes perfection only comes with undivided dedication and practice, whether it understands the theory or science.

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