Who is Leyton Benta?

Multi-Award Winning artist Leyton Benta was born on April 15,  1994 in London, UK. Leyton first realized his creative potential at the age of 6 when put under pressure to participate in his school choir for a Christmas performance at ' Vicars Green Primary School ', where he was directed to take lead singing ' In the Bleak mid-Winter '.
It was from that point that Leyton has not looked back and singing became his career and passion. He went on to record his first song ‘Don’t tease me’ at age 9, then created his first album ‘Think Big-Take Action’ at just 16 which focused on love, motivation, perseverance, ambitions and goals. During this time, he had time to grow and develop his own style and find his true vocal ability and began to experiment with different sounds and musical materials. Furthermore, projects have come into light throughout his development stages.
Being from a musical family, Leyton was inspired by his mother and father as they were both active in the entertainment sector. His mother was part of sibling group “The Lawrence Sisters” from Manchester who toured the UK performing Soul and Motown covers as well as their own material. His father played bass and electric guitar and from that experience they shared stories and knowledge to encourage and inspire Leyton to learn keys to compliment his style. He felt the importance of developing and perfecting his own craft.

During a short break from the industry, Leyton worked as a Youth Mentor in Hackney, London. He used this time with youngsters to encourage them to see their potential and encouraged them to work toward unlimited opportunities and helped them build self-worth. He used his own life experiences of bullying, Heartbreak, Prejudice, and rejection to show that although life can be hard, it can also be rewarding when surrounded by positive influences and hard work to follow dreams. “Be a doer not a talker” was amongst many of the inspirational quotations to reinforce inner strength.

Throughout Leyton’s life growing up, he was influenced by his love of pop, funk, soul, R&B and Jazz music and inspired by legendary artists such as Prince, Marvin Gaye, Lenny Kravitz, Michael Jackson, Terence Trent D’arby, Maxwell and James Brown, (Just to name a few) This had given Leyton the versatility to become a well-rounded artist true to his own style and vision. The artistry and lyrics of their music brought feeling, meaning, purpose, love and realism that enhanced and heightened Leyton’s depth and passion for his inner success which he unconsciously projects onto others by becoming his own form of substance.

Although being as positive as Leyton was, his path and journey has been very lonely throughout the years due to the decisions he made for being the working Icon he wanted to be. Very young and wise beyond his time payed a lot of prices for being grounded and true to his nature. Having several opportunities of working closely with people in the industry, it broadened his awareness and caution to making the decisions to remain away from the norm to project what he felt the world needed…. And that is LOVE! Traveling back and forth to different parts of America with little to no money in his pocket, but having the determination to get his brand across in different seas of the world to heal and vibrate to all generations and backgrounds, he says,  
"There is a song to be apprehended for everyone."